Our email marketing agency has the best distribution and tracking

Tell your brand or business story in the most emphatic manner! We create awesome email newsletters that entice your customers and strike a long lasting relationship. We keep a constant track and analyses the campaign to improve your email marketing metrics every time.

Email creation

Digital 24 is one of the Top email marketing agency India that helps you create fabulous emails. We customize emails according to your brand colors, content, products or services is question. It is essential to integrate your social platform links so as to maximize reach and awareness. The Best Email Marketing Service is just a click away, hit that contact button and tell us more about your requirements.

Device compatibility

It is essential to create emails that are responsive and look great on all devices starting from desktop to smartphones and tablets. Our email adapts to all devices and screen sizes so that viewing it is easy for your customers. Email submission these days should be done keeping in mind that your user may be using any of the above mentioned devices.

Build an audience                                                   

Just successful email distribution campaigns won’t suffice, we go further and help you build an audience that is curious about your products or services. We embed a sign up for and capture leads for you, so that you have a better campaign each and every time you decide to distribute emails. As your list of customers grows, you have a chance to reach more and more customers. These days email campaigns have a great importance among other digital marketing campaigns as it engages your customers and creates awareness. It is an awesome way to connect with your customer and make them yours forever.

Humanize your message

We create monthly newsletters, special offers, invitations, corporate announcements and social messages in a manner that it resonates with your targeted audience. The message should be put in a manner that it becomes impossible for the users to ignore it. Our campaigns has the required manpower to create emotional messages. As business environment is changing all the time, it is important to know that today, sentimental messages have more reach among customers than plain and blunt content. The customers are curious about knowing about your brand and products, but only the right choice of words will guarantee a visit back to your website or landing page. As a creative agency we keep track of all the ways to entice your customer and tell them exactly how you feel about them.