5 surprising ways in which we use technology on a daily basis

Use of technology in our everyday lives is easily acceptable in the forms of mobile phones, computers, and much more. But what we fail to recognize is that technology is even more deep-rooted in our lives then we realize.

Some of the simple and yet most essential technologies that we use in our everyday lives to get by are what we have covered in this article.

  • Springs
  • Lasers
  • Radio
  • Electromagnetism
  • Radar


You must be thinking that springs can’t be counted as technology, even though we are literally surrounded by them. Yet they are a simple and sophisticated example of technology. From using your vehicles to the electrical switches, you would be able to use none of them is weren’t for the switches. Many of the beds use the role of springs too to provide comfort for sleeping.

For the purpose of other technology devices to work such as microwave oven, thermostat, and others they all use a little of spring action to get by.


As fancy as they sound, their applications are rather simple yet required in many places. Some of the more obvious ones are the laser scanners in your optical drive, which are used to read the data from the surface of DVD.

Not just, in the use of many types of light shows and decorations, laser is used in a major way. This technology is also used for sharp and precision cutting as well. In many medical procedures, advance in laser technology is the sole reason for so many advanced treatments to have been developed.


The most common and obvious use that you can think of radio technology is the AM/FM that you listen to or the radio transmitter that is used by police and others to broadcast frequencies for communication purposes. What you didn’t know is that radio tech is behind virtually any and all wireless technology such as GPS, tv broadcasts, mobile signals and more.

Other than above the place where you use radio tech most is in your WiFi system. You probably didn’t know that even your cable functions on radio technology despite using a wired cable. Though instead of being transmitted through air, radio signals are transferred via the fiber optic cable installed within cable box.


This is something that you probably didn’t think that plays an important role in your day to day lives but you couldn’t be more wrong. We all know the use of magnets in devices such as speakers, fridges and more but electromagnets go even beyond, the very basic example would be the touchscreen of your smartphone.

With the capacitive touchscreen, you have to apply pressure to make it recognize, that electromagnetism. That is not it, its applications are limitless, which we can’t cover all here for obvious reasons.


Everyone knows what radar is, we all have heard of military having radars to scope incoming airplanes and using of radars to sweep an area for detection purposes. Radar works on the concept of electromagnetic waves and thus electromagnetism only. Thus, it is an example of how one technology can give rise to another altogether new and different technology.

Not just air force, but they are also used in lands to detect landmines and in the sea to detect the wreckage. Radar proves utmost useful in disaster situations.

These were some of the technologies that you didn’t know you were using on a daily basis and yet were essential to you. Let us know if you are intrigued by it and can think of something other as well which a part of your everyday lives is but went unnoticed so far.

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