6 Trends in Astounding Artificial Intelligence applications

Disciple turned out cleverer than the Instructor”. The prototype here is analogous to the phrase. You will come across two definitions written below.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Formal Definition: “Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated as AI and coined by John McCarthy, 1956) is the field of Computer Science that deals with devising machines incorporated with “Human Intelligence”. Human Intelligence refers to the fact a machine is capable of mimicking human behavior more intelligently & efficiently in all domains.”

Fundamental Concept: “In Layman’s term, Artificial Intelligence is nothing but making a machine work like humans. The journey begins like: In the first stage, there’s a simple Bot without a brain. In the second stage human feed it with a brain (coding), in the final stage it’s ready to use with greater efficiency than its creator itself (which is the reason of the beginning phrase). Since the intelligence has incorporated artificially, it is thus called Artificial Intelligence.

Six trends of Artificial Intelligence to put forth the menace

There’s no doubt that the intuitive AI is the cause of all impetus of profuse industries. It is expected to achieve exponential growth in the coming decades. You must be curious by now to get acquainted with the six popular trends of AI:                          

  1. Incorporation with Mobile & Web Apps: No doubt AI is going to be the combat zone for most of the IT firms and business organizations. Who does care to code for something, which is available readymade explicitly? AI integrated apps can leverage:
  • Organized System for developers as well as for users: The Intellectual power of AI system better assists the developers and users for overcoming the dilemma of the suitable decision.
  • Voice Interface: With the aid of a voice interface, it becomes lucid to control any command.
  • Entices Retail Consumers: smart algorithms are proved frontiers to serve more customers.
  • Smart Interactions: AI integrated apps will implicitly provide correct solutions by scrutinizing the stats.
  • Generates Loyalty: The pattern detecting abilities could be integrated into all E-commerce transactions.


  1. Outburst in the number of Chatbots: An aggregate of tech giants like Facebook proclaimed tools to raise chatbots for trade. As stated by IBM more than 65% of Generation Y prefers synergy to bots. Big Data Analytics is leading to the first step towards success.
  2. An Intelligent swing all around: The discerning convergence of the Internet of Things and AI will rule the world. Ex: Turning camera into the smart camera. Richardson is expecting in the upcoming future all objects will be wirelessly linked to a simulator for a smarter era.
  3. Cognitive abilities and Artificial intelligence: AI applications like Cognitive learning, critical data management, deep learning, etc. mitigated Healthcare profoundly. As per Accenture, the healthcare market is going to beat 6.6 billion in the next four years.
  4. Supplementary learning: AI provides you with academic experiences and utilizes the same for solving a complex problem in minimal time. Ex: Driverless cars (Toyota using YUI) are to expected in the coming decade.
  5. Elevation in the number of Startups: A proliferating figure of startups are utilizing the potentials of AI to fetch more funding. Google, Amazon, Apple are exemplary over intellectual AI startups. Since there are few steps for installation and negligible maintenance cost, IT firms, as well as Startups, are beating their competitors with the aid of AI.

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