7 Top Video Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales

The internet today is made up of much different content that people access every day. One of the most engaging content out there is videos.

Videos are the visual form of any information distributed on internet platforms. In fact, videos make up most of the traffic today, with over 82% of all traffic generated from this type of content.

That said, it’s safe to say if a business wants to thrive in the internet world, producing video content is the ultimate way.

More importantly, many social channels are now gravitating towards short videos that enable everyone to mine the information in a relatively short time. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have made it possible for brands to reach out to a bigger audience within seconds. It’s not something a generic article can do in a brief time.

Hence, focusing on a video marketing strategy is straightly an effective way to connect with customers and get more sales.

So, what does it take to create a marketing video that converts? The key to creating compelling videos relies not upon just the message you want to convey but also on the execution of making it. That being said, choosing the correct video marketing tools plays an important role here.

This article will discuss what video tools brands should use for their marketing campaigns.

  1. Renderforest
    Renderforest is one of the most popular video tools in the market. It provides an easy-to-use, affordable and professional video editing software that helps people of all experts in creating videos. It has over 1,000 templates and 200,000 stock videos to choose from for your video creation. Creating marketing videos is easy with Renderforest because the dashboard is user-friendly, and it accommodates for beginners to learn to use this tool quickly.
  2. Animoto
    Animoto is a very popular tool for creating marketing videos online. It allows users to create video slideshows from their photos, music, and videos with just one click. Users can upload their own graphics and images to use on their slideshows or select from Animoto’s library of images and graphics.

  1. Wistia
    Wistia is a cloud-based video hosting solution for businesses and marketers who want to produce high-quality videos that convert visitors into leads and sales into customers. Wistia’s video platform focuses on analytics, insights, sharing options, security features, and customer support, making it the best choice for marketers who want to enhance the performance of their marketing campaign with a powerful marketing tool like Wistia.
  2. Powtoon
    PowToon helps you create animated presentations, explainers & infographics in minutes. Present your business ideas like never before with real characters & voices from our library of animated characters which includes over 150+ templates & more than 2000 characters.

Make sure to use Powtoon if you want to create a different range of video marketing, such as testimonial videos and tutorial videos. With Powtoon, you can render video content and share it on many social media platforms, which helps you further in getting new customers.

  1. Biteable
    Biteable enables you to create professional-quality marketing videos that include animated characters and voiceovers. The biteable library has thousands of premade characters, scenes, and animations that you can use to create your own videos at an affordable price.

You can use these premade characters and templates from Biteable for your marketing videos. This feature makes a great option for small businesses because they can choose the existing template without crafting videos from scratch.

  1. Animaker
    Animaker is a cloud-based video creation platform allowing users to create professional-looking animations using their photos and music. Animaker also offers users the ability to create their own 3D characters from scratch or import them from other sources.

So, if you want to level up your video marketing game using 3D animation, make sure to use Animaker in the process. The software helps you make high-quality videos that resemble a professional studio creation.

  1. Movavi Video Editor
    Movavi Video Editor is a free video editing software for PC. You can record, edit and publish videos online or on your computer in the AVI format with HD quality.

You can also cut videos, add pictures or effects, add subtitles and burn DVDs with this free video editor. Use Movavi to make stellar marketing videos and get the most of the features like the professional video editing option.
Videos are important for marketing, promotion, and communication. They make the viewers feel more connected to a product or a service. Videos can be used for promoting your business, getting a message across to your customers, and building trust.

A well-produced video is more likely to be shared than an article or a long description of your product. It is easier to remember visual information than retain text-based information. Thus, videos are more memorable and easier to share.

Make sure to use the right video marketing tools to help you produce content that boosts sales. This article should help you find the one that you need the most.

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