This should be your digital recovery strategy during the Pandemic

The news is filled with reports of coronavirus ripping our society and throwing it into an abyss. It is a grim time, especially for the economy. it seems there isn’t much that one can do to help their business. But you are totally wrong. In fact, it is the best time to reflect, introspect, and think about why is your business suffering in the first place?

Many businesses that cannot operate online are suffering a great deal. But there are a few things that even they can do to make sure that when the pandemic is over, they can get back to a normal business routine quickly.

Your website is the key

We are handling a lot of client’s website and recently, we have seen a spike on daily traffic. It is because people are searching more and are online for a long period of time. This is the time to actually develop a website if you do not have one or revamp it if you have one. You can contact the Best web development company in India for creating an amazing website that enhances your online presence.

Every website can use an upgrade you see. In 2020 it is important to understand that most people browse your website through mobile devices. Thus it is a good idea to start analyzing your website on mobile and make it as responsive as possible. Google also has a mobile-first algorithm that ranks those websites higher that have a better performance on mobile devices.

It is also a good time to look into the following:

  • Your websites value proposition
  • Website content
  • Website speed and navigation
  • You e-commerce setup
  • Payment gateway
  • Overall customer experience

Try to analyses your website on various devices, especially on Android and iOS devices. Weed out anything that is hampering a great customer experience. Make the website light and like a breeze for your customers to engage flawlessly.

SEO is ever more important

This pandemic is not getting over soon, and we all know SEO takes time to give you results. Thus, it is the best time to climb up the SERP’s. If you are skilled enough you can do SEO for your website or can hire the Best SEO company in India to do it for you.

Many businesses are not investing in SEO and it is a great time for small businesses to sneak past the big players in their industry. Try to research more on the latest SEO best practices and create a foolproof SEO plan to attain coveted ranks and eventually drive more traffic to your website.

Paid marketing strategy

I know you must be thinking that conducting a paid marketing campaign during these unprecedented times can be counter-productive but consider this. As more and more people are sitting online and paying attention to what you have to say, it doesn’t make it a good time to reach out to them. You can run advertisements on Google and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for brand awareness.

During this time you can try to increase your customer list, reach out to them in order to be in their subconscious mind. Just when the pandemic gets over and business resumes, you will have more number of customers to attend to. It is a time to build that customer list through rigorous advertising.

These are unprecedented times, thus it is time to do things differently. If you haven’t already switched to online mediums to propagate your business it is high time now. Eventually, we will get through this pandemic, so will the business world. Everyone will see the benefits of online business and hop on, it is up to you when will you take that leap? Plan a digital recovery strategy with a digital marketing agency today to boost your business.

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