Why shopping carts are getting abandoned on your e-commerce website?

Online shopping adds a new dimension to the global business. Businesses mimicking success of major online shopping websites seldom know what all goes into making a flawless shopping experience. In this blog we will discuss a major setback that almost every online shopping website has to face in their operations. Certainly we will recommend how to go around it and most importantly how to sustain the growth and expansion, once you get a grip of things and contain abandoned shopping carts.


Target audience

There are many types of customers, but generally speaking we can easily categorize them into three broad category

  1. Loyal customers: These kind of customers do not like to take a chance. Their preferences and tastes are absolute and they won’t waver even if you try your level best. So, certainly you can’t do much about these types of customers. They are loyal to their core and believe in the brand and its offerings.
  2. Experimental customers: This type of customers are often open to new stuff. You can easily target them and try to convince them to make a purchase.
  3. Accidental customers: The customer, who won’t judge before buying, maybe because they are new the online environment or perhaps feel that online business is safe. They make purchase because they have heard good things about ecommerce industry.

But, the whole point is to induce sales and make your customer happy. Through a great SEO or SMO campaigns you are able to bring traffic to your website and even if they add a few stuff to the cart, it becomes impossible to make that first sale or break a lull in the middle of the month. So, what to do about frequent abandoned shopping carts?


Are your trust indicators in place?

People are always looking to buy the trending stuff and if you deal in such products, you should be able to convert. But, if you are struggling this checklist might help you keep a check on abandoned shopping carts:


  1. Do you have a privacy policy?
  2. Does your customer know your shipping and delivery process?
  3. What does your customer do, if he doesn’t like what he buys?
  4. What are you payment options?
  5. Will your customer get after sales support if something is broken or damaged?
  6. Does your customer has a channel, where he can communicate before buying?
  7. Are your prices competitive?
  8. Do you have a one page checkout on your website?
  9. Does your customer believe that he is making a right decision, buying from you?
  10. Are you committed to ask for feedbacks and making the purchase process a breeze for your customers?
  11. Does your customer has the right to leave a review for others to see?


Self-introspection and ironing out a few creases can do wonders to abandoned carts. It can really change the way you conduct business. In most of the cases we have handled, we have found some or the other trust indicators were missing, causing the customers to abandon carts. There is nothing more painful than to see the back of your customers, thus, it is advisable to do an audit every now and then. You can easily gather data from webmaster toolsgoogle analytics or any other paid tool that you believe to be helpful.

Creating an e-portal needs loads of attention to detail so as to fulfill customers requirements for which an experienced website development company is required, get in touch with us for more information.

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