How digital marketing is lot like marriage: The Indian Perspective

So marriage is considered one of the biggest commitment in this world. Being there for your partner at every point in their life. No matter what phase they are going through in their life you just have to be there for them, that’s marriage. Now marriages are of two types in India. One arranged that is your parents or your relatives or some matchmaking website or application fixes you up with your future partner and second is love marriage where you select who you are going to marry or spend your life with.

Digital marketing is also like marriage, you are in a committed relationship with your client. Now marriage is also of two types, one, when somebody fixes you up with your client, may be a common business partner or an online application or a website and second where you chase your client or your client directly contacts you. But the biggest thing you have to follow in marriage and marketing is that you have to stay true to your better half or it is never going to work.

It takes time to understand each other

Everything takes time like in a marriage you need time to understand the likes and dislike of your partner similarly in marketing you need time to understand the exact liking and disliking of your client. When you have the complete knowledge about it then only you can meet the exact requirements of your client which would mean the growth in the business for both. It is all about the time.

Compromises need to be made

Compromise is the key for a solid relationship you need to respect each other’s opinions and choices. Egos cannot come in between because it will ruin everything that you would have worked for in the past. The Best way is to listen to each other and work out the best possible solution. Because after all you just need to find the solution it doesn’t matter who was the provider

Divorce hurts in both marriage or marketing

Divorce can be a hurtful affair in both scenarios. When you lose a client its disadvantageous for both, the marketing agency loses money while the client loses time because now if they pass on their project to other agency it will take more time, obviously the new agency would also take time to understand the project and the scenarios surrounding it which in turn will make the client lose hope and money. But if one partner feels that the latter is not trying hard enough and is also not trying to understand their problems or scenarios, they should move on. Sticking in that relationship longer is not beneficial for anyone.


Digital marketing and marriage both takes a lot of courage, hard work and dedication. Both partners need to work for the betterment of their relationship. Also, you just need to stand through the hard times because once the hard time is over both the partners will benefit from the partnership. The key for a better relationship is communication, if you communicate well enough your partnership will gear towards a better future.

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