How to build a website that converts?

A website will promote your business 24×7, something no employee will do for you!

Today, as we battle one of the most difficult challenges that humanity has ever faced, business owners can’t help but introspect. Some of you might be thinking, what difference could you have done to limit the effects of this global catastrophe. For a start, one thing you could have done is paid more attention to building your online properties. The most important being your company website.

We often ignore the company website and get these created only when we feel that there is a big client that is partnering or just because your competitors have it. But the tides have changed and a website has become quintessential. You cannot sell online if you do not have a website. Although exceptions must be there, in general, a website is like an online office. It provides legitimacy and much-needed trust signals to your audience.

There are a few steps that you should take in order to create a website that converts:

Choose the platform wisely

If you don’t have a website right now, then probably you can research a bit on which platform better suits your needs. If you just want an informative website, you can simply float an HTML website, looking for a blogging website; you can use WordPress or if your aim is to sell products online you can go for a Magento website.

Communicate clearly

The aim of any website is to communicate your company value to your audience. As your audience might be from different backgrounds or at various levels of understanding, it important to choose the content accordingly. It should be lucid, should have a flow to it, and if possible generate interest in taking a favorable action. But in no sense, it should be misleading or claim something that is not true. Thus the content is something you should invest in.

Analyze your present position

It’s best to analyze and take stock of the situation before making any adjustments.

What sort of traffic do you get right now?

Where does Traffic come from?

Using analytical tools, you can get answers to those questions. Any places you need to watch are social media messages, email ads, forums, and chat support.

It’s vital that you also find out which pages your website customers are most likely to generate clicks during the assessment process. Do you get a lot of clicks on a timely, long-form post or do customers click a link from an Instagram posting? Knowing where most of the leads come from can get you the right to a good start.

Make the contents perfect for your audience and take out pages where you do not see any traffic.

If your website traffic is poor, consider rethinking your strategy. Answers to these questions are an excellent starting point for you:

  • Why are people not visiting your website?
  • Is your search engine optimization strategy in place?
  • Are you publishing at the right time the right material?
  • Are you really visible on SERPS or social media?


Are any of these sentiments there on your website?

Interesting research at the Harvard Business Review study found that customers can and probably will be linked to a brand emotionally. They found that people had hundreds of different emotional motivators through the investigations. The top 10 motivational motivators are:

  • The desire to differentiate themselves from the people
  • Want to have faith in the future
  • A desire for well being
  • Want to be free
  • A want to feel like they are part of a larger community
  • Want to be treated individually
  • Want to be healthy
  • Want to have an adventure
  • Wanting to excel
  • Want to help the ecosystem

If your website has any of these elements, then definitely your website will do better. Humanizing your website is required to woo your audience.

Adapt and execute

The online environment is dynamic. It is fickle and doesn’t care about what you like personally. You can impose your ideology at some level but ultimately its customer’s discretion when it comes to a purchase. Thus it becomes really important to transpose yourself and be in your customer’s shoes. What do they want? What are they looking for? If you are successful at this, your website will surely convert better. You have to make your website as interesting as possible for your customers.

 Engage more often

Write blog posts, release videos, give out online magazines, connect via frequent podcasts, do anything that helps you engage with your customers. Take help from a top digital marketing agency in India, do a business consultation with them, but ensure you have a plan. You cannot succeed if you don’t have a heading. You have to bring in lots of traffic to convert, thus chalking out a plan will help you realize this difficult but possible feat.

If you want to engage your customers for a long period of time, then you should definitely consider these suggestions. We are one of the top web development companies in India that have built hundreds of websites. It is through our experience that we have found these strategies to be successful. These suggestions will not only help you gain more traffic and conversions but build a sustainable business model.

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