Make Your Search Smart with These 5 Tips

Internet is 26 year old and it decreases the time span of getting knowledge drastically. Earlier there are very few sources of information. Today internet provides information on finger tips on anything like gravitational waves to how to knit a sweater.

But internet has bulk of information on each keyword. To get the specific information we have to read many materials which are not needed by us and also it is time consuming. That is why we tried to help you getting the desired information in just few clicks by using some hacks and transform your ‘just search’ into ‘smart search’.

  1. Unimportant Search Word

Google work on some algorithm and search every page which contain the typed keyword. But it contains unimportant search words also. To remove unimportant words from your search, simply write – (minus) sign before each one. Like if you are interested about reading about movies but don’t want to buy ticket, you can

  1. Using quotation

If you put the words simply like Tackle the problem without quotation marks, the search engine will show the results where ever these words appear in any order on a website and not in typed order.

Using quotation ex. “Tackle the problem”, search engine will get only those results where these words appear in the order you typed them.

  1. Finding alike Websites

If you found something you like and need to search more similar sites then you just type “related:” and then the address of the site, without any spacing. Ex

  1. Searching for a ‘url’ or ‘title’

Many times we want to find specific article or website but we forgot the exact order of keywords. Sometimes we even forgot the whole title but remember the one or two keywords. To find the exact ‘title’ or ‘url’’ you need to just type ‘inurl:’ or ‘intitle:’ and then the keyword

  1. Searching within the website

While surfing internet randomly we might find some article very interesting and want read it more or share it with your friends. The simple and easiest way to finds such type article or any piece of information your desire again is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the website, then keywords of desired article or blog and it will come instantly.

These tips can really help you out when you are trying to find something and are unable to do so. Our affordable seo services india help you to increase online visibility, get in touch to know more.

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