Nine ways to get the best results out of a Digital Marketing agency in India

Nowadays the whole world is online and everyone who just believed in selling via a physical store is now coming online with their websites and marketing it via a digitally marketing agency. So if you are thinking of advertising your brand online by either building a website or marketing it online or both here are few Do’s And Don’ts for you to follow:


1. Suggest ideas that you feel are intriguing:

If you find something on the web or on the streets that you find interesting to share it with your marketing agency and we will tell you if its good or not. We don’t know everything; if you would share your thoughts with us we would be able to get a proper idea of what you need exactly and will be able to deliver you better results

2. Provide content on a timely basis :

If you are getting a website developed or getting your website SEO friendly please provide the content and if you don’t have the content tell us we have content marketing people who would write it for you for a very little amount and if we tell you that the content you provided is not good kindly believe us if we are saying that because we want to earn some extra bucks FYI the money that we earn from content in comparison to the marketing fees its peanuts. We only want the best for your website.

3. If you sell products provide good photographs:

If you want an e-commerce website provide good quality photographs of your product clicked from a professional camera by a professional cameraman. Bad photos not only ruin the look and feel of the website, but customers also bounce the moment they see a bad photograph. Don’t believe us remember the last time you bought a thing online which had an OK photo.
Plus bad photos cannot help the agency in creating beautiful or attractive banners for your website. Again thinking about what’s good for your website.

4. Provide reference if you want some specific thing to be done:

If you see something good on a website and you want to apply that stuff on your website don’t just say “I want something like this”. First show us the reference website or page then we would see the platform the website is built on after that if it is possible we would definitely do it. We always do what can be done in fact we also sometimes do things that cannot be done. It depends on the resources available.

5. Meet with us

Meet us on a regular basis so we can show what the update is on a weekly or a monthly basis is. Everything cannot be explained over the phone something’s is explained better when face to face and believe it or not we very much like our clients


1. If you are getting a website developed don’t expect it to be perfect in one go :

Website development and designing is a process that at least takes a month to be perfect because there will be things that you like but won’t look good on the website. Even after the website is up and running there still be minor tweaks and addition that will keep happening over time.

2. Don’t expect great website traffic for three months :

You have developed a website but no one knows that it exists on the internet unless you are a big brand. This is where Search engine optimization steps in; we try to bring up your position on Google. But it takes the time of at least three months to show Google that you exist many things have to be done like creating backlinks and many more off the page and on page activities. So keep a little bit of patience and stick with us for at least three to six months and we promise to deliver the best results.

3. We don’t promise sales we only promise traffic :

We can only bring people to your website and the rest depends on the quality of your product. Understand it like this, we are bringing 100 to 200 people to your shop daily the rest is up to them if they want to purchase it or not. So never expect that search engine optimization means 100% conversion rates

4. Don’t delay the payments :

Please don’t delay the payments because we are not bringing any delay to your work, we are doing everything on a timely basis. So kindly pay us on time because we also have to pay salary to our employees on a timely basis that is when they will bring 100% productivity to your work.


So please believe in us because we know what does it takes to create a huge brand name by branding and the way to it. Be with us and we promise to take your brand to a whole new level.

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