Minimacaroons – Case Study

The Opportunity

Mini Macaroons offer select quality products for kids, moms and home from fine brands at attractive prices and make shopping easy, exciting and fun.

The Challenge

No Sales on Amazon

Mini Macaroons are a seller on Amazon but was not doing well. The major issues they faced were:

  • The products which did have descriptions were not grammatically correct
  • The content for products did not flash the USP
  • Product titles did not describe the products
  • The categories were not correct for the products
  • No SEO was conducted for the products
  • There was no visibility of the products
  • Only 1 or 2 images were present for the SKU’s
  • Most of the products did not have descriptions and short descriptionsThe Approach
  • New descriptions and short descriptions were written projecting the USP’s
  • From an SEO point of view, Keyword analysis was done and implemented
  • The appropriate categories were assigned to the products
  • Products now have proper titles which describe them clearly
  • More images were added to the SKU’s for better comprehensionThe Results
    As everyone is aware Amazon is enormous e-commerce with millions of products and to be visible there is a difficult task. We were able to make their products visible on searches which resulted in much better performance for the brand through rigorous Amazon SEO service.

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