Affiliate Marketing Services

Our Affiliate Marketing program is easy and lucrative

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires”.

-Bo Bennet

What is this Affiliate marketing?

With the prevalence of search engines during the 1990s, the internet became a popular source of information and e-commerce. The manner in which business used to be conducted changed forever. During those times, website owners who were churning out the valuable content or were lending important services thought of monetizing their efforts. Soon website advertisements and CPM model came into prominence. But in recent years affiliate marketing has proven more effective and is about to bring a change in the way we conduct business online. Affiliate marketing is nothing but a relationship between the advertiser, publisher and end customer. The advertiser pays to sell his products or services to various affiliates.

Lead generation campaigns

Our lead generation campaigns through various platforms not only helps you reach that sales target but also provides insights that will improve your business model. Through a lead generation campaign, a lot of data can be collected and used to your advantage. For example, we run a survey on your website homepage to know more about the customer views regarding your products. The information collected while running the campaign can be beneficial in improving user experience and in the future can better the sales figures.

Pay for performance

Quantified as Cost per Action (CPA), you pay only when a pre-defined action gets completed (e.g.  Hotel booking, app download, sign-ups, coupon selling). If you are looking for an ROI based campaign, nothing can match the CPA model. It is associated with low risk, high performance, and high ROI.

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