Top Four Tips to Keep Your Blog Secure And Safe From Hackers

Having a blog and writing articles or poems is a trend nowadays. Many of us own a blog or use a free blog service provided by many of the sites today. Having a personal blog, customized as per your requirement, though, is always better.
With the customization comes the responsibility to protect your blog from getting hacked or your privacy being leaked. Not many have the knowledge about how to get your blog secured and they depend solely on their blog developers for the same.
It is always better to have a basic knowledge of the things which you own and when it comes to the security of personal data, you must not take any risk.

Here are a few ways to protect your blog and make it more secure:

1. Use captcha and secure login

Captcha is a method for monitoring who is logging in to your blog. You can keep an eye on the visitors of your blog just like the CCTV camera does for your house, office or building.
It is the basic and most common step which is used for preventing a blog or any other site from the hackers.

2. Secure your login

Usually, a site or blog is created using free themes, most commonly WordPress theme. For a WordPress blog, ‘admin’ is the common username which is known to all. So, the first and foremost thing which you need to do before starting to use the blog.
Talking about the login, the password is equally important as well. You might think that no one is going to know your password and use your date of birth, name, etc. as the password. Some people keep the passwords easy to make it easier for them to memorize it. But you must keep a password which has alphabets, symbols, and numbers, all of them. These are considered the safest form of passwords.

3. Do not advertise the Version

WordPress usually displays the version of its which you have used to create the blog. It is advised to remove it and not show it to the world. Exposing version means making your blog more prone for the hackers to play with it.
Change the settings to stop displaying the version that you are using and let the hacker do some brainstorming at least.

4. Take Back-up of your data

There is a gamut of hackers, who are the master of the field and can hack very famous sites as well. The protection in any field can be up to a certain limit only. Beyond this, the only solution to the problem can be taken care of.

It is always a good idea to get Business consultation. Take the back-up of your data to your server frequently. This will secure your data. Also, if you are a writer then you may buy the copyright for your content as well so that your content is secure. Even if someone steals the content with copyright reserved with you, you may at least suit a case and claim for the rights of it.

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