The Intelligent Application of High Technology Innovative Products

Euronics offers solutions for all your washroom automation products and accessory needs.

They have a great history in offering nationwide state of the art installation equipments, product solutions and accessories that are required to support your washroom equipments and to maintain the hygiene of the washroom


When the team of euronics met us they had their website developed and they were looking for Search engine Optimisation. They wanted to increase their rank on the search engines as soon as possible


We divided the search engine optimisation into two parts on page and off page. After that we listed all the keywords that were necessary to increase their rankings on search engines and sent them the list.  They made some changes on the list and sent us back after which we updated the keywords in the given content


The ranking of Euronics got better in every search engine and the traffic also increased in some time. We were able to get rankings of 15 keywords on the first page of SERP’s.

Client: Euronics

Category: Search engine optimization

Date: August 2016

Search engine optimization

15 high ranking keywords