How we can improve our ranking in search engine?

It feels very proud when you finally see your website show up in Google. It might be during a search for the exact name of your business, but hey, it’s still an accomplishment. If you aren’t ranked at the top spot for a keyword or at least on the first page your chances of being seen are slim to none. That’s why people are always looking for ways to increase search engine ranking results: because they know they’re losing traffic if they’re not visible.

Without a first page result or a presence in the search engines, you’re losing traffic. And without traffic, you’re losing visitors. And without visitors, you’re losing money.

So here are some ways to improve your website ranking on Google.

1.) Check your Site Speed.

Google’s page ranking methods are increasingly based on improving user experience. Faster load times for the pages on your website area easier for bots to crawl, as well as more beneficial for your users. You can use one of the following tools to measure how fast your site is loading and get an idea of how to improve load times.

2.) Monitor Organic Traffic Conversions.

If you’re working on your search engine optimization, you’ve probably set your site up with Google Analytics. If you haven’t yet, learn how to set it up as you should be using it as soon as possible. With this tool, you can track conversions and sign-ups on your website. A higher website ranking on Google will give you more traffic to stat converting.

3.) Be consistent.

Neither Google nor Bing like inconsistent listings of your business online, and inconsistency can negatively your impact presence. That is why you want to be consistent when you list your business details like the exact wording of your business name, physical address, and phone number across all websites. Use the same details on your site, on your social media profiles, and on local directories or review sites.

4.) Go mobile.

Think about this: There are over 1 million more mobile devices activated every day across the world than there are babies born. Everyone knows that mobile is the future now. And that is even more true for local business, whose customers are often on the move and looking for you on their devices. In case you don’t have a mobile presence yet, you need to get up to speed.

5.) Another Detail about Mobile.

Mobile sites have a few special considerations. If you’re using a content management system with a preset template, that template might even include a mobile-friendly version. These templates are great for a beginner to develop with, but their ease of use is built upon a mountain of code. These templates ease to use for the developers but lengthen page load times. Consult with a professional web designer to tighten code and optimize your website for mobile users to improve your ranking on Google.

6.) Description of Tags.

As Google has changed their search algorithms over the years, description tags have slightly fallen in importance. Whereas in the past, these description tags could be filled with keywords and pop to the top of search engine result pages, they now serve the purpose of drawing users into your page. Description tags should be written to give credibility to your company, to show what services or deals you offer, or to call the user to action on your page.

7.) Improve Site Architecture.

Good site architecture means organizing all of your pages and information in the most logical way. As a simple guideline, it should take no more than three clicks to get to the deepest part of your site. This helps you in two ways. If your site is overly confusing and causing users to click back to the search engine result page, your bounce rate increases and your user session time drops. Don’t think that a buying customer is going to want your product so bad they will look hard for it. Everything should be easy to find on your website.

8.) Choose a URL and Stick with It.

Strictly speaking, domain age isn’t a major factor that Google will use to rank your website. On the other hand, changing your URL can definitely have an impact on how your site is performing. When you change your URL, all existing links to your site may be broken, without proper redirects. Also, a URL change means that your site will have to be re-indexed or crawled by Google and you may lose your current Search Engine Ranking on Google.

9.) Understand the technical SEO.

The change, which can happen when you make your pages mobile friendly is enormous. But it may not be sustained until you understand and optimize the technical aspect of your site. Technical SEO is critical to the future success of your site. Improving your mobile search rankings is not as difficult as you might think. If you do it right, your site is supposed to attract more mobile users especially those who use search engines to look for information.

So, want your site to reach the top like the great Burj Khalifa? Then next time try these steps for making your site reach a maximum number of users by getting it in top of the google search engine. Good Luck!

No Age bar to start a ‘Start-Up’

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”  –Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO

21st century is witnessing, people are not job seekers anymore, but they are becoming job creators. If you observe and look closely, every industry and sector under the sky is transforming. Start-ups are leading the path. The idea of working for oneself and doing things unconventionally is the basis of Start-up’s today. Start-up is an evolving enterprise rapidly gripping every corner of the world. These small businesses have latent talent and potential to target the global market with their innovative products, functions and services.

What is the right age and qualifications for starting a Start-up?

There is no age barrier in this sector. Even people without any degree can also become an entrepreneur. World have many entrepreneurs and Start-up’s companies who did not even complete their college degree.

At an early stage start-up need funding, to develop or innovate a new product. If there product is promising they can easily attract Venture or Angel investor. Nowadays, banks are also investing in start-ups. Funding is not as easy or hard as it seems. But the confidence, belief and faith on oneself are the fuels to move ahead.

At present there are many college students that are becoming entrepreneurs. We waste time in thinking, but there are people who start working. A person who starts early has the maximum probability to reach the pinnacle.

These startups are the engines of global growth and we though that we would share stories of 5 of the most interesting start-up’s according to us.

Bio Metrix:

This small company is manufacturing a wearable sensor device that can tracks athlete’s ‘training and recovery’ known as BioMx. Bio Metrix founded by two former athletes from Duke University. Their start-up is financed by a team of industry professional and university physiology researchers. Biomx aims to measure and record the athlete’s body functions during practice and rehab. The goal is simple just to help athletes have an injury free career and most importantly knowledge of their own body functions. This knowledge allows them to cut down recovery time and optimize the training by bettering the rehabilitation process and monitoring fatigue, resulting in accentuated performance.

Video link:

Eighty Nine Robotics

They have devoted their valuable time in manufacturing a Wi-Fi enabled drone called ‘Rook’. It is designed to monitor home or office from anywhere. It is controlled remotely, using a smart phone application. A high definition camera is inbuilt, which can stream video in real time on your phone.

Video Link:

MISFIT Juicery:

The Georgetown University student founded MISFIT Juicery start-up with an aim to fight the food waste. They use tasteful but aesthetically unappealing fruits and vegetables in its juice products. It makes cold pressed juices with peculiarly shaped, sized and colored. They brand their product as an everyday drink and their goal is to expand the concept of food products and consumer goods.

Video Link:

Slice Capital:

They allow individuals to invest in small business. Basically they are mobile based equity crowd funding start-up. It was founded by business and computer science student of the University of Pennsylvania.  It aims to stand apart from conventional industry by allowing unlicensed investors to buy and sell shares of private companies. They are planning to bring down its current investment of $500and allowing people to invest their smaller amount in startups. The company is being triedby legal counsel to assure they are under the recent SEC crowd funding rules and planning their public launch.

Video Link:

Cociel Food:

It helps independent growers and producers of Latin America to export their products in international market. Cociel food offers tropical flavoured sauces from Costa Rica, a smoked banana steak sauce and a mango hot sauce. It is founded by Babson students and aims to eventually become a certified B-corporation. They also aim to spend a percentage of their sales to help and establish sustainable sourcing practices throughout Latin America.

Click to visit their website:

These start-up stories are thought provoking and truly motivational. If you have come across similar start-up’s you can share information about them in the comment section. We will surely research and write about them in our upcoming blogs. We support these start-up by telling their story our way and making people aware, share so that they get their share of recognition.

If you are looking to open a startup, you can take advantage of our Business Consultation  Services.