Five habits of successful people that are hard to ignore

1. Master A rare skill
2. Invest in your health, relationships and your aspirations
3. Believe in giving
4. Be persistent, not foolish
5. Follow your passion

Master a rare skill

“Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.” — Jim Rohn

You all must have heard a proverb, “Be so good that they can’t ignore you”. But the fact of the matter is, how can one claim to be so good? If you think long enough, you will come to the conclusion that confidence is the key to this being true. To be confident you need to be ahead of your game. This is the time that a rare skill will help you achieve this feat.

“Once you’ve developed rare and valuable skills, you’re now in a rare
position to chart your own path”.

Always concentrate on acquiring new passions and skills. Remember, if you acquire an ability that only a few possess, it will make you move closer to your goal and realize it sooner than you initially

Invest in your health, relationships, and aspirations

How does he become a doer rather than a dreamer?

As easy as it may sound, but the plain truth is by investing in your skills and increasing it by 10x. The skills that you developed over the years will require constant hard work as well. You will face failures, but your job is to be persistent and move forward. The first thing that will come to your
rescue is your ‘Health’. You can’t overspend on yourself. Eat the highest quality food possible, follow a regime, hit the gym often and try to be happy always. You can find a few health-boosting superfoods online these days. You can give these a try!

People say ‘I am self-made’. But do you really think it to be true?
Have you ever heard a successful gymnast say that he has trained and become a world-class athlete on his own? Is this possible?
No, you can’t become successful on your own. For a gymnast, a great coach, support staff and his family members play a vital role.

Same as in your case. Keep your relationships strong and try to learn from a mentor. Without one, you will be directionless and eventually burn out.

In the amazing book, WRITE IT DOWN MAKE IT HAPPEN: Knowing What You Want and Getting It,
Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser explains the magic of writing down your goals and dreams.

“Keep a diary or a notebook handy always. Write down anything that is
of substance. Even random thoughts are invited”.
After so start this practice, you will see how things make more sense. Our subcautious mind is so powerful that it imagines what it really wants. That is why we have random thoughts. If you revisit these thoughts often in the form of what you wrote, it is possible that a few things start making
sense. It is you, who has the answer to all the questions.

Believe in giving

“The more you give, the more you have”.

It is observed that people who tend to give are the happiest. I have spent a lot of money to become a part of an elite group of people. In the end, the friendships and mentorship I paid for have got me where I am right now!
You have got to believe that all that you are paying for, will return in some or the other way.
For example, you buy a book worth 1000 bucks. Do you ever go back to stall after reading the
book saying give me back my money because you have read the book.

I see people do the same thing. It easy to lose track of reality. There are certain activities you need to spend on and wait for it to reap results in the future. Pay for mentorship or even pay to be in an elite group of people if you have to!

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and
persistence. – Lewis Howes

Have faith that ultimately your investments will bear fruit. But always be aware and invest in the right group of people. If you have a mentor, do speak to him about what you are getting into.
Always, try to give, while you can take. It is a kind of investment that will help you in tough times. As this investment will earn you connections. You will feel that anything is possible, you just have to ask.

Be persistent, not foolish

“If something is difficult it does not mean it is worth doing”.

Every person has to follow his own path to success. You can chip down your path and follow simple steps to reach your goals eventually. Be persistent and honest towards your goals. But if it is taking more time than usual, it is time to change your approach. Maybe there is something that you have
miscalculated, or the path you have chosen isn’t any good. Be flexible in your mind and operations.

Follow your passion

I strongly feel if you follow your passion you are close to the living. Having a passion helps restore sanity in your life. You have something to look up to.

“Passion is a powerful feeling of enthusiasm. It is only felt when you desire something badly”.

During my career, I have felt a strong desire to bring something new to the table every time. Seeking new technologies, latest gadgets and health foods have been my passion. I have built my business around it. Each and every day I get up, I feel motivated to do the same thing again without losing
enthusiasm. This happens because I am passionate about what I do. Find what’s important to you and follow it.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

These were some of my observations while conducting business, in relationships and introspecting. I followed certain steps in order to succeed. Do not follow me, forge your own way. But, do take a leaf out of my book and use to your advantage.

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If you are reading this, have a great day and an amazing life ahead!

Do startups need search engine optimization services?

Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most significant approaches for driving organic traffic to your website. What SEO does is making your website more noticeable and crawlable for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which helps to drive organic traffic to your website and in some cases even turn your leads into your loyal clients. If done right, SEO is a definitive weapon for you to reach the first page of SERPs (Search engines first page results) organically. Industry gurus suggest that Google now processes over 50,000 search queries every second on average, which calculates to over 4 billion searches per day and 1.5 trillion searches per year globally. Just imagine how beneficial it can be if people can find your website on the first page of SERPs while making searches with relevant keywords to your industry or line of business.

Nowadays, before buying anything people, as well as businesses, do a search on the world wide web by typing keywords and getting the list of relevant websites in return. This is one of the most significant parts of the buyer’s journey. Most of these people will not check the second page and usually type new relevant keywords if they haven’t found what they were searching for. This is why for most of these people your website won’t be reachable if it is on the second, third or the other pages of the SERPs. In case your competitors rank in the search engine results is better than yours, you will lose most of your potential customers.

SEO Explained

Search engine optimization is a technique by which websites can have a chance to rank high on SERP’s. There are various ways it can be done, but competitor analysis, keyword research, content and link building play important roles. Without SEO a website has no meaning, it is as good as non-existent.

On-site SEO Explained

SEO is comprised of two important and co-depended parts: On-site and Off-site SEO. On-site SEO improves your website structure, user experience and makes it more crawlable and visible for the search engines. Each landing page of your website has to be optimized for the specific keywords. They say content is the king, indeed, the content of your website has to be high quality, understandable for humans, not stuffed with keywords and shareable. These are some basics of on-page SEO that makes your website rank better in SERPs. When you have gone all the above-mentioned things right, it’s time to speed up the website. Frankly, no one wants to browse through a slow website. Thus, optimizing your website for speed is very important.

Content is still king

The most unique, understandable and relevant content will enable your website to earn a higher rank on SERP’s. Also, it is important to have content that will be shareable on social media. The content of your website can vary from written texts to videos, infographics and etc. Also, your website has to be updated as often as it is possible with relevant and high-quality content in order to earn visibility.


 URL structure

Webmasters make sure that all pages of your website have proper URLs with the title of the page and keywords. Also, it is important to have an SEO-friendly URL structure on your website. Make sure that this structure is maintained throughout the website.

Importance of Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

When links to your website show up in the search engine results they contain title tag and meta description of the relevant page of your website that contains brief information about your website. Title tag and meta descriptions do not influence your website rankings directly but they influence people’s choice on what link to click. So, make it interesting and try to generate curiosity through careful use of words.

Alt Text

It is obvious that every website has images. Every image, in its turn, has to have an alt text which are keywords relevant to the text and images on the page. More often than not, businesses ignore this important ranking factor completely. It is imperative to provide an image that happens to b on your website with this tag. Also, make sure the images are optimized for size. Smaller the file size, faster it will load.

Off-Site SEO Explained

Off-site or off-page SEO is a tactic that is applied outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). To understand it better, all kind of content published on various websites with the link back to your website or even without can refer to off-site SEO. In recent past on-site SEO is becoming more important but content outside of your website still has a role to play for your website’s rank on SERP’s. If your website has links from high-quality trustworthy domains like Medium, Reddit, Mashable, Evernote, etc. , which are relevant to your website’s niche, it will be a sign to the search engines like Google that your website can be ranked higher which means a higher position in SERPs.

Make sure you choose only high-quality domains with high Domain Authority and Page rank to post valuable content. The links you create will drive relevant traffic to your website and more importantly affect your rankings positively.

There is a chance amidst all these dynamic changes and updates you might not be able to perform these SEO tasks the way it should be. Thus, it is recommended to seek help from the best SEO company in India.