Why shopping carts are getting abandoned on your e-commerce website?

Online shopping adds a new dimension to the global business. Businesses mimicking success of major online shopping websites seldom know what all goes into making a flawless shopping experience. In this blog we will discuss a major setback that almost every online shopping website has to face in their operations. Certainly we will recommend how to go around it and most importantly how to sustain the growth and expansion, once you get a grip of things and contain abandoned shopping carts.


Target audience

There are many types of customers, but generally speaking we can easily categorize them into three broad category

  1. Loyal customers: These kind of customers do not like to take a chance. Their preferences and tastes are absolute and they won’t waver even if you try your level best. So, certainly you can’t do much about these types of customers. They are loyal to their core and believe in the brand and its offerings.
  2. Experimental customers: This type of customers are often open to new stuff. You can easily target them and try to convince them to make a purchase.
  3. Accidental customers: The customer, who won’t judge before buying, maybe because they are new the online environment or perhaps feel that online business is safe. They make purchase because they have heard good things about ecommerce industry.

But, the whole point is to induce sales and make your customer happy. Through a great SEO or SMO campaigns you are able to bring traffic to your website and even if they add a few stuff to the cart, it becomes impossible to make that first sale or break a lull in the middle of the month. So, what to do about frequent abandoned shopping carts?


Are your trust indicators in place?

People are always looking to buy the trending stuff and if you deal in such products, you should be able to convert. But, if you are struggling this checklist might help you keep a check on abandoned shopping carts:


  1. Do you have a privacy policy?
  2. Does your customer know your shipping and delivery process?
  3. What does your customer do, if he doesn’t like what he buys?
  4. What are you payment options?
  5. Will your customer get after sales support if something is broken or damaged?
  6. Does your customer has a channel, where he can communicate before buying?
  7. Are your prices competitive?
  8. Do you have a one page checkout on your website?
  9. Does your customer believe that he is making a right decision, buying from you?
  10. Are you committed to ask for feedbacks and making the purchase process a breeze for your customers?
  11. Does your customer has the right to leave a review for others to see?


Self-introspection and ironing out a few creases can do wonders to abandoned carts. It can really change the way you conduct business. In most of the cases we have handled, we have found some or the other trust indicators were missing, causing the customers to abandon carts. There is nothing more painful than to see the back of your customers, thus, it is advisable to do an audit every now and then. You can easily gather data from webmaster toolsgoogle analytics or any other paid tool that you believe to be helpful.

Creating an e-portal needs loads of attention to detail so as to fulfill customers requirements for which an experienced website development company is required, get in touch with us for more information.

Make Your Search Smart with These 5 Tips

Internet is 26 year old and it decreases the time span of getting knowledge drastically. Earlier there are very few sources of information. Today internet provides information on finger tips on anything like gravitational waves to how to knit a sweater.

But internet has bulk of information on each keyword. To get the specific information we have to read many materials which are not needed by us and also it is time consuming. That is why we tried to help you getting the desired information in just few clicks by using some hacks and transform your ‘just search’ into ‘smart search’.

  1. Unimportant Search Word

Google work on some algorithm and search every page which contain the typed keyword. But it contains unimportant search words also. To remove unimportant words from your search, simply write – (minus) sign before each one. Like if you are interested about reading about movies but don’t want to buy ticket, you can

  1. Using quotation

If you put the words simply like Tackle the problem without quotation marks, the search engine will show the results where ever these words appear in any order on a website and not in typed order.

Using quotation ex. “Tackle the problem”, search engine will get only those results where these words appear in the order you typed them.

  1. Finding alike Websites

If you found something you like and need to search more similar sites then you just type “related:” and then the address of the site, without any spacing. Ex

  1. Searching for a ‘url’ or ‘title’

Many times we want to find specific article or website but we forgot the exact order of keywords. Sometimes we even forgot the whole title but remember the one or two keywords. To find the exact ‘title’ or ‘url’’ you need to just type ‘inurl:’ or ‘intitle:’ and then the keyword

  1. Searching within the website

While surfing internet randomly we might find some article very interesting and want read it more or share it with your friends. The simple and easiest way to finds such type article or any piece of information your desire again is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the website, then keywords of desired article or blog and it will come instantly.

These tips can really help you out when you are trying to find something and are unable to do so. Our affordable seo services india help you to increase online visibility, get in touch to know more.

Three important things you need to take care when migrating a website

Facing issues with your hosting or just want to revamp an existing website? Migrating a website can be a cumbersome job and thus it is recommended you take certain things in mind to do it successfully. We will give certain pointers that will help you make no mistakes and ensure that the website has comparatively less downtime and has no change in SERP’s ranking.

Choosing a better host

If you are facing problems with the existing hosting provider and want to migrate to a new one or it’s just that your needs have increased overtime, you have to associate with a better hosting provider. Choosing a good hosting company can be a pain as there are so many of them. It’s better if you seek recommendations from friends and other knowledgeable people. You can also put up this question on forums and FAQ websites like Wiki how and Quora. You can also consult a website development firm, they will surely help you in this case. You should investigate certain things before making a decision:

  • Server Reliability: Referring to uptime scores (ideally should be 99.99%)
  • Server Upgrading Options: (Can you upgrade your hosting plan in the future or not?)
  • Multiple Add-on Domains: Is there an option to add a few more websites on the same server?
  • Renewal Cost: Will the cost be affordable or not?
  • Refund Policy: What if you don’t like the server performance? Will they refund?
  • Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel: An easy to understand C-panel can help in many scenarios.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: You can have issued any time, will the hosting company provide round the clock assistance?


Backup your website

It is important to back-up your website once you have made a decision regarding the hosting. You can back-up your files easily using the c-panel of your existing hosting before thinking of migrating a website.

An ideal back-up would follow these steps:

  • Log into cPanel.
  • In the Filessection, click on the Backups
  • Under Full Backup, click Generate/ Download a Full Website Backup.
  • On the next page, select the Home Directoryoption from the Backup Destination drop-down menu.
  • For Email Address, select whether or not you wish to receive an email notification once the backup is complete. (You may also change the notification email address in the provided field if you wish.)
  • Click Generate Backup.


SEO checklist

If your website has undergone SEO modifications and you have generated backlinks for the website, you should keep in mind the following before migrating a website:

  • You should regenerate the xml
  • You should apply txt file making any modifications that are necessary
  • Keep in mind that the permalink should be the same (URL should be the same as the old site or the links that you submitted during your off-page activities will shoe a 404 error)
  • Also make sure that your Meta titleMeta descriptions, and keywords are in place for every page.
  • You will also have to regenerate your SSL certifications and reapply.
  • Once you have made on-page modifications it is necessary to re-index the website once through webmaster tools.
  • Do a rank check after 8-10 hours when the migration has been done.
  • It’s best to test the website speed at the same time. A significant decrease in website load time can increase your website’s performance.

If you follow these steps, you will certainly benefit and the cumbersome job of migrating a website can be scaled down easily without making any alterations in your SEO. If you fail to chalk out a plan and execute it, you will have various issues. So plan in advance and go through the whole process meticulously. You can also consult a website development firm, they will surely help you in this case.

How to Protect Your Site From Google Penalties?

Back in February of 2011, Google released a major update to its search results ranking algorithm known as Google Panda Update. The significant algorithm update aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. As of today, Google released 28 panda algorithm update and the last one (Panda 4.2) was July 17, 2015. you can read about all Google algorithm update from Moz Google Algorithm Change History Timeline.


If you run a website or blog and want your site stick to the top of Google’s search result, Here are some tips to Protect Your Site From Google Penalties. Alternatively, you can read Google’s Quality Guidelines.

1.) Audit your Links Monthly.

Start by running your backlinks and getting a baseline. If you find links from spam or low-quality sites, why not email the site and request for the link to be removed? If you do, document this! Keep track of everyone you’ve emailed and when. You may need this information if you DO get penalized and have to file a reconsideration request. There are a number of SEO tools you can use to monitor your backlinks. Pick your favorite and don’t forget to do this every month!

2.) Link Ratios:

What to Monitor, and Why they Matter. When Google talks about Earned vs Unearned links, one of the ways they can algorithmic-ally monitor these numbers is by looking at ratios. Here are some of the ratios that I always look for when monitoring a site’s health:

•Link Type: Image vs Text vs Mentions
• Link Location: Paragraph vs Link List vs In Content vs Sidebar vs Header
•Domain Theme: Business vs Computers vs Reference vs Portals vs News
• Site Type: General vs Blog vs CMS vs Link Directory vs Social Network
• Sitewide Ratio
• Deep Links Ratio

3.) Watch your Webmaster Tools account.

Watching the links that Google displays in your account can help you find problematic links that Google is acknowledging are crawled in part of how your site is ranked. Keeping tabs on these links will help you to quickly identify low quality or negative links.
Perhaps Google bot is having trouble accessing your site, or something went wrong with your server and there are numerous crawl or page errors.
Monitoring your webmaster account for your site’s health will make sure you address and minimize potential problems BEFORE they become penalties or result in a loss of rankings or traffic.

4.) Create Google Analytics Alerts.

By creating Intelligence Events Alerts, you can have Google Analytics notify you if your traffic has decreased or if something has changed. Here are some alerts that a client should set up for their websites:

• 10% Traffic Drop
• Bounce Rate increases by more than 5%
• Google Organic Traffic decreased by more than 5% Sometimes a small drop is an indication of problems, so the site has to be reviewed before they result in penalties or major traffic loss.

5.) Avoid Shortcut Methods.

A lot of SEO experts claim that they have a short cut method (Usually they keep it secret from their client) to rank higher on SERP.
Shortcut method may work on a very short-term basis, But there’s a risk involved in tricky shortcut method.
The problem occurs when Google’s spider finish analyzing your website and find the tricky method that you/your expert implemented to dodge google.
The only way to get rid of it and get your rank back is if you find your SEO expert did or doing any Shortcut Method on your website, abandon the expert and clean your content.

6.) Anchor Text Diversity.

The question of Anchor Text Diversity is heavily debated. In the past, experts believed that Anchor Text Optimized Backlinks is the key to dominate in the search rank. Again, Anchor Text Optimized Backlinks doesn’t look Natural Link Profile to user or Google.

Today Anchor Text Diversifying for the link is a must. Since Google uses Latent semantic indexing, you don’t have to worry much about anchor text. Use a mix of brand, domain, webmaster name, and keywords as anchor text more often.

Finally, remember to stay ethical and creative with your link building. Let quality content and superior user experience drive your creative link building strategy. Stay away from these penalties by taking these steps.

How digital marketing is lot like marriage: The Indian Perspective

So marriage is considered one of the biggest commitment in this world. Being there for your partner at every point in their life. No matter what phase they are going through in their life you just have to be there for them, that’s marriage. Now marriages are of two types in India. One arranged that is your parents or your relatives or some matchmaking website or application fixes you up with your future partner and second is love marriage where you select who you are going to marry or spend your life with.

Digital marketing is also like marriage, you are in a committed relationship with your client. Now marriage is also of two types, one, when somebody fixes you up with your client, may be a common business partner or an online application or a website and second where you chase your client or your client directly contacts you. But the biggest thing you have to follow in marriage and marketing is that you have to stay true to your better half or it is never going to work.

It takes time to understand each other

Everything takes time like in a marriage you need time to understand the likes and dislike of your partner similarly in marketing you need time to understand the exact liking and disliking of your client. When you have the complete knowledge about it then only you can meet the exact requirements of your client which would mean the growth in the business for both. It is all about the time.

Compromises need to be made

Compromise is the key for a solid relationship you need to respect each other’s opinions and choices. Egos cannot come in between because it will ruin everything that you would have worked for in the past. The Best way is to listen to each other and work out the best possible solution. Because after all you just need to find the solution it doesn’t matter who was the provider

Divorce hurts in both marriage or marketing

Divorce can be a hurtful affair in both scenarios. When you lose a client its disadvantageous for both, the marketing agency loses money while the client loses time because now if they pass on their project to other agency it will take more time, obviously the new agency would also take time to understand the project and the scenarios surrounding it which in turn will make the client lose hope and money. But if one partner feels that the latter is not trying hard enough and is also not trying to understand their problems or scenarios, they should move on. Sticking in that relationship longer is not beneficial for anyone.


Digital marketing and marriage both takes a lot of courage, hard work and dedication. Both partners need to work for the betterment of their relationship. Also, you just need to stand through the hard times because once the hard time is over both the partners will benefit from the partnership. The key for a better relationship is communication, if you communicate well enough your partnership will gear towards a better future.